9 of the Greatest Ever Movie Love Stories ...

We all have our own ideas about what makes the greatest movie love stories. For me, it has to be characters who are believable and whom I can relate to and empathise with, a grounding of reality (i.e. a story that is too fantastical just doesn’t cut it) and a brilliant storyline that sends my own emotions on a roller coaster of deep despair and soaring joy. I love it when love triumphs adversity, but I can also appreciate a not so happy ending when lovers are parted by design or circumstance, thwarted by fate or interference. Here’s my favorite movie love stories. I wonder how many are your favorites too?

1. The Shop around the Corner

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Unless you’re a fan of old Hollywood movies you probably won’t have heard of this one, but you will know the story very well because it was made as “You’ve Got Mail.” No matter how much you like the modern take, it just does not compare to the original in my opinion, which remains one of the greatest movie love stories. There’s just something far more believable about James Stewart and Maureen O’Hara than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (whom I’ve never been a fan of anyway).

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