7 of the Most Beloved Classic Movies of All Time ...

I'm sure you all have you own favorite classic movies of all time? Although today’s movies have great visuals, props and actors, classic movies have interesting storylines... many which are unique to the time of which they were released. Here are some of the most popular classic movies of all time.

1. Gone with the Wind, 1939

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Gone with the Wind is one of the most classic movies of all time! Starring the now infamous and iconic Clark Gable, Gone with the Wind is about a stubborn young girl from the South during the American Civil War. Manipulative, bitter, and driven, she does anything she can in her power to make sure she never suffers a shred of poverty or hunger during and after the war. Ironically, although she is always kept by men she suffers heartbreak since she cannot be with the man she really loves.

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