7 of the Most Touching Moments on "Gilmore Girls" ...

Touching moments on Gilmore Girls struck such a cord with me that I still remember them to this day. Of course, I had my favorites, but some of the most heart-wrenching moments happened to characters I wasn’t the biggest fan of. These touching moments on Gilmore Girls just go to show that everyone has emotions, even if they don’t seem that way. Everyone goes through things that are sometimes indescribable so take a look for yourself.

1. Dear Emily and Richard

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One of the most touching moments on Gilmore Girls can be found in the episode β€˜Dear Emily and Richard.’ In it, We're shown Sherry gin labor in between flashbacks of what it was like for 16-year-old Lorelai during her pregnancy. I’m not the biggest fan of Emily Gilmore, mainly because of her manipulative tendencies, but it breaks my heart to see her read the letter in the end. As tough a situation as that already is, Lorelai’s leaving breaks her heart. She may seem like a cold-hearted woman, but clearly, she cares.

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