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7 of the Worst Movies of 2013 That Will Make You Cringe ...

By Laura

It is fun to reflect on the worst movies of 2013. While this was the year that gave us The Butler, The Great Gatsby, and The Wolf of Wall Street, it also produced some movies we wish would go away. The worst movies of 2013 have featured cheesy storylines, amazing stars, and irritating clichés. You never know, some of you out there may even find that they are so bad, they’re good!

1 The Last Exorcism Part II

Haven’t exorcisms been done to hell and back (pun intended) since the 1970s? The world is DEFINTELY over spinning heads and green slime right now. As one of the worst movies of 2013, it plays on an old cliché we’re sort of tiring of. Let’s leave exorcisms behind, and focus on more intelligent horror stories!

2 Diana

This film was never going to go down well. The taste is questionable when you consider her kids are still alive, and her death wasn’t THAT long ago. Oh, and the doctor it focuses on is alive also. Classy! This movie follows the life of Diana, Princess of Wales with sheer tack and little skill.

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3 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Okay, we get it. Spoof movies were funny the first seven times they were done, but there is a point when they become ridiculous. In fact, the title of this one says it all. Less of the parodies, more rom coms please!

4 Scary Movie 5

While we’re on the whole parody theme, there was definitely no need to make a second Scary Movie, let alone a fifth! Scary Movie sort of lost me at the third one, when they featured a parody of Eminem. His hair may be scary, but the film was not. It really, really is time to drop the parodies now Hollywood.

5 The Internship

There have been a few movies in recent years that have attempted to strike the right notes by throwing in as many stars as possible and hoping for the best. The Internship attempts this by using Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan as the ageing interns struggling to come to terms with living in a Milennial’s age. Some of the comedy moments are obvious. I like to look at Owen Wilson, but only that can take me so far with this movie.

6 The Hangover Part III

Okay, there are only so many times someone can vomit, get an inappropriate tattoo, and miss an important family event, with hilarious results. The first Hangover was amazing. As for the second, it was okay for a boring evening in. The third was entirely unnecessary. All the jokes were tired, and Mr Chow just wasn’t that funny anymore.

7 Grown Ups II

I quite liked the first Grown Ups for the theme, although I didn’t find it that funny. In my opinion, only a smash hit calls for sequel. Grown Ups was far from a smash hit, so the second was never going to take off. Even Adam Sandler’s presence can’t save this one, I am usually a big fan of his.

In many cases, a bad movie is bad because it hasn’t even tried. They usually feature tested themes, but those themes are only funny or scary the first couple of times! When it comes to sequels, it is a good idea to ignore that they exist and focus on the amazing first events. If there was a movie that made your toes curl for all the wrong reasons in 2013, what was it?

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