9 on-Screen πŸ“Ί Restaurants We All Want to Dine at 🍴 ...

How sad is it that there are some great on-screen restaurants that we can never actually eat at because they are fictional? Sometimes it’s the food that draws us in, sometimes itβ€˜s the setting and sometimes it’s the action that takes place. These are my favorite on-screen restaurants:

1. The Frosty Palace - Grease

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Be honest, who didn’t want to spend an evening with the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies eating ice cream sundaes and dancing to 1950s tunes on the jukebox? The diner in Grease is the hub of all the dancing and drama that goes on, from Rizzo throwing a milkshake all over Kenickie to Frenchie being visited by her very own guardian angel. Real talk, the burger and fries look delicious!

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