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85 Original Movie Posters from then Til Now ...

By Neecey

Original movie posters are works of art. Not only do they adorn walls of movie theaters but there's a whole collecting world out there with some original movie posters being so rare as to command very high prices among movie fans and movie memorabilia collectors. Here are some great original movie posters from decades past and present.

Table of contents:

  1. Star wars
  2. The fault in our stars
  3. The hunger games: catching fire
  4. Pulp fiction
  5. The wizard of oz
  6. Forrest gump
  7. Gone with the wind
  8. The dark knight rises
  9. Edward scissorhands
  10. Vertigo
  11. Noah
  12. Back to the future
  13. (500) days of summer
  14. Holiday
  15. Goonies
  16. Aliens
  17. King kong
  18. Iron man 3
  19. How to train your dragon 2
  20. Madagascar
  21. Gentlemen prefer blondes
  22. Life is beautiful
  23. The sound of music
  24. Ghost
  25. X-men
  26. Rear window
  27. Snow white and the seven dwarfs
  28. Pocahontas
  29. Gremlins
  30. Dances with wolves
  31. Raiders of the lost ark
  32. Giant
  33. Ghostbusters
  34. Maleficent
  35. Man of steel
  36. Black swan
  37. West side story
  38. The godfather
  39. Enchanted
  40. Jaws
  41. The birds
  42. Little miss sunshine
  43. Gladiator
  44. Django unchained
  45. Breakfast at tiffany's
  46. Willy wonka and the chocolate factory
  47. Jungle book
  48. Singin' in the rain
  49. Sleepless in seattle
  50. E.t
  51. Grease
  52. Ferris bueller's day off
  53. The breakfast club
  54. Uncle buck
  55. The naked gun
  56. The karate kid
  57. Die hard
  58. Halloween
  59. It's a wonderful life
  60. Ocean's eleven
  61. Young frankenstein
  62. The lone ranger
  63. The creature from the black lagoon
  64. Lion king
  65. The blob
  66. The shining
  67. The outlaw josey wales
  68. Legally blonde
  69. Seven brides for seven brothers
  70. The graduate
  71. The blues brothers
  72. The clash of the titans
  73. Weird science
  74. The mummy
  75. Yellow submarine
  76. Lady & the tramp
  77. Jurassic park
  78. True grit
  79. The hound of the baskervilles
  80. Stand by me
  81. The terminator
  82. Snow white and the seven dwarves
  83. The war of the worlds
  84. Forbidden planet
  85. The lord of the rings

1 Star Wars

Via Star Wars poster- Home Theater ...
I wonder if the original movie posters for Star Wars will go up in value now we know that Episode VII is on the way. (Not too long to go now!)

2 The Fault in Our Stars

Via "The Fault In Our Stars" ...

From one movie that captured the hearts of a generation to another.

3 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Via The First 'Hunger Games: Catching ...

This whetted the appetite for all those that had read the book.

4 Pulp Fiction

Via 10 Great Movie and Film ...

Looking good Uma!

5 The Wizard of Oz

Via Old Movie Posters Exhibition
Sorry but I can't help thinking that is not a very flattering picture of Judy Garland. She was lovely but that pic makes her face look like a lumpy potato.

6 Forrest Gump

Via Forrest Gump Movie Poster

Who doesn't remember this poster?

7 Gone with the Wind

Via mice and birds: favorite things: ...
If you love the film you'll also think this is one of the great original film posters.

8 The Dark Knight Rises

Via "The Dark Knight Rises" Releases ...

So dark and so fitting the movie it represents.

9 Edward Scissorhands

Via Edward Scissorhands (1990) - IMDb

Johnny Depp's beauty shines through whatever he looks like!

10 Vertigo

Via Vertigo 16x12 Movie Poster

Many of the original posters for Alfred Hitchcock's movies were simplistic in design.

11 Noah

Via Login on Twitter

I can't help thinking that this is very similar in composition to Gladiator (see number

12 Back to the Future

Via Back To The Future movie ...

Classic 80's style poster for an 80's classic

13 (500) Days of Summer

Via (500) Days of Summer Art ...

Pretty enigmatic isn't it? It doesn't really give you any clues what he film is about.

14 Holiday

Via Holiday - Katherine Hepburn Cary ...

I love the movie posters from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

15 Goonies

Via The Goonies Movie Poster 13 ...

I have to hold my hands up and confess I have never seen this movie.

16 Aliens

Via hindsightfilms

Ripley looking fierce!

17 King Kong

Via 1933 King Kong

The original film poster for King Kong was really long - I guess they wanted to show just how big the ape was.

18 Iron Man 3

Via New IRON MAN 3 Posters!!!

I think this is one of the best posters from the series.

19 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Via Places to Visit

One of the more recent movies and a well crafted poster to advertise it.

20 Madagascar

Via Movie Poster Inspiration: Madagascar - ...

You just know this movie is going to be funny.

21 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Via Marilyn Monroe - Gentlemen Prefer ...

You really get the impression there's lots of fun in this movie.

22 Life is Beautiful

Via Old Movie Posters Exhibition

The gorgeous picture belies the dark story.

23 The Sound of Music

Via The Sound of Music - ...

An oldie but goodie.

24 Ghost

Via Ghost (1990) - IMDb

I think the poster is even more sensual than the movie. Agree?

25 X-Men

Via Poster for X-Men

Love the way the eyes draw you in.

26 Rear Window

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Tell it like it is: Who is in it. What it's about. Who directed it.

27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Via Overly Dramatic Disney Movie Posters ...

Surely this scared more than a few little kids.


Via Pocahontas (1995) - IMDb

Typical of Disney's original movie posters. Beautiful.



Watch how a lovable furry Mugwai becomes a nasty manic critter.

30 Dances with Wolves

Via Dances With Wolves

The stunning photography for the poster is as worthy as the sweeping cinematography of the film.

31 Raiders of the Lost Ark

Via Raiders of the Lost Ark ...

The poster gets the retro treatment to be evocative of the film's era.

32 Giant

Via Giant Liz Taylor James Dean ...

So much talent, taken too soon.

33 Ghostbusters

Via movie

All together now - "Who ya gonna' call?"

34 Maleficent

Via The New Maleficent Poster is ...

Is this more scary than number 27?

35 Man of Steel

Via Community Post: First Look! "Man ...

Chest out, shoulders back, chin up. Well okay, not quite.

36 Black Swan

Via Community Post: Retro-Inspired Black Swan ...

A masterpiece of graphic design.


Via WEST SIDE STORY: Natalie Wood. ...

There were so many beautiful people in this movie that was dynamic and fast paced. The poster seems quite staid and stand still-ish in comparison.

38 The Godfather

Via Graphic design inspiration | From ...

Loving the symbolic art work.

39 Enchanted

Via Enchanted (2007) - IMDb

Yep! This is kinda' cool.

40 Jaws

Via Beyond Sharknado: shark movie posters ...

You really didn't want to go in the water after seeing the poster, let alone the film.

41 The Birds

Via The Birds Alfred Hitchcock Tippi ...

Birds? Those little feathery things? What possible harm could they do? Think on lady!

42 Little Miss Sunshine

Via Little Miss Sunshine (2006) - ...

A personal favorite. I love this movie so much.

43 Gladiator

Via Top Ten Movies With Toga ...

So rugged. So handsome. So strong. So darned good.

44 Django Unchained

Via Django Unchained Movie Poster (Paper ...

This is quite understated for Quentin Tarantino don't ya think?

45 Breakfast at Tiffany's

Via Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) - ...

Even the stylized form cannot mask Audrey Hepburn's dazzling beauty.

46 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Via Willy Wonka & the Chocolate ...

I find this strangely lacking in color compared to the movie.

47 Jungle Book


I'm gone man. Seriously gone!

48 Singin' in the Rain

Via Singin' in the Rain (1952) ...

One of the greatest movies and musicals of all time.

49 Sleepless in Seattle

Via Poster for Sleepless In Seattle

You can believe they're in love

50 E.T

Via Vintage Movie Posters, Old Movie ...

The film that made the world cry.

51 Grease

Via Fashion Favor

And the film that made the world dance.

52 Ferris Bueller's Day off

Via Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) ...

Bueller? Bueller?

53 The Breakfast Club


A movie that defined the '80s.

54 Uncle Buck

Via Mayte C Goñi Twitter | ...

Big man, Big Heart. Big Fun. Sadly missed.

55 The Naked Gun


A comedic masterpiece.

56 The Karate Kid


Wax on. Wax off.

57 Die Hard


I'd rather have seen a picture of Bruce in his sweaty vest.

58 Halloween

Via Movie Posters Inspiration – Halloween ...

Not half as scary as the movie.

59 It's a Wonderful Life

Via Happy Holidays: 10 Must-Watch Holiday ...

Yes George Bailey, it certainly is.

60 Ocean's Eleven

Via Ocean's 11 (1960) - IMDb

Which cast is better looking? This one or the one led by George Clooney?

61 Young Frankenstein


Loving the lurid colors.

62 The Lone Ranger

Via Lone Ranger 2013 Movie Poster

Ok - I take back what I said earlier. There ARE times when Johnny Depp don't look so good.

63 The Creature from the Black Lagoon


Posters for B movies are so cool.

64 Lion King

Via Vhs cover for The Lion ...

All together now - aww!

65 The Blob

Via Blues Brothers and Blade Runner ...

This was true horror back in the '50s.

66 The Shining


I've got a confession to make. I fell asleep in the cinema watching this (I'd had a long day!)

67 The Outlaw Josey Wales

Via Clint Eastwood - The Outlaw ...

Clint always did make a brilliant cowboy.

68 Legally Blonde

Via Pictures & Photos from Legally ...

Pink's definitely her color.

69 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Via Account Suspended

Have you noticed the banner headline? Something we
wouldn't see today.

70 The Graduate

Via The Graduate (1967) - IMDb

In 2013 Linda Gray (Sue Ellen from Dallas) revealed to the world that that is her leg, not Anne Bancroft's.

71 The Blues Brothers

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

RIP John Belushi.

72 The Clash of the Titans


This was the original version. I prefer it, actually.

73 Weird Science

Via Film Coffeehouse: Weird Science

The movie that fulfilled millions of teenage boys' fantasies.

74 The Mummy


Some artwork is timeless.

75 Yellow Submarine

Via Not Found

Great style and perfect for the movie.

76 Lady & the Tramp


Aren't they just the cutest couple?

77 Jurassic Park

Via Jurassic Park (1993) - IMDb

Oh look. A dinosaur!

78 True Grit

Via True Grit Character Poster Gallery: ...

He does look truly gritty doesn't he?

79 The Hound of the Baskervilles

Via Halloween & Harry Potter Movie ...

That greeny-yellow tinge is quite creepy.

80 Stand by Me

Via Stand by Me (1986) - ...

They all look so young.

81 The Terminator

Via Eight Bizarre 80's Film Posters ...

He came back!

82 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Via Literary Classics (family ed)

When you see some original movie posters, it reminds you just how old some of the movies are.

83 The War of the Worlds

Via Poster for The War of ...

The Tom Cruise version is way scarier.

84 Forbidden Planet

Via Forbidden Planet - Classic Sci ...

Did you know this is based on Shakespeare's The Tempest?

85 The Lord of the Rings

Via The Lord of the Rings: ...

Sexy and smoldering, but let's not forget it's an amazing feat of movie making.

As technology changes we might see 4D or moving posters in the future. That just gives more reason to treasure original movie posters. So you think they are works of art?

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