7 Outdoor Cinemas Where You Should Spend Your Summer ...

If youโ€™ve not yet had the fun and pleasure of watching a movie at an outdoor cinema, maybe this is the summer to tick it off your bucket list. With Roman amphitheaters, stadia and city mansions as locations, itโ€™s going to be difficult keeping your eye on the screen and not on the stunning surroundings. If you want to catch a movie this summer, you wonโ€™t go wrong with these fabulous outdoor cinemas.

1. Amante Movie Nights Ibiza, Spain

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If you are looking for an outdoor cinema in Ibiza then look no further than Amante Movie Nights. This cinema offers a wonderfully atmospheric movie watching experience where filmgoers can lounge comfortably on luxurious cushions right at the oceanโ€™s edge. You can make the experience even more unforgettable by upgrading your ticket and getting your own blanket, a glass of wine and unlimited amounts of popcorn!

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