7 Pirate Movies to Make You Say Arrrgh Me Hearties ...

If you enjoy a rollicking good adventure, pirate movies should be high on your list for a huge dose of escapism. Presenting many variations of a similar theme – lost treasure, shipwrecks, rum soaked cutthroats, and rescues of fair maidens – the stories enthrall, enchant, and engender laughter. Here are my favorite pirate movies.

1. Blackbeard’s Ghost

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! You'll love everything about this movie, even if you're not completely hooked on old classics. It's a definite must-see if you love pirate movies and classic Walt Disney. Dean Jones, the Disney stalwart, and English master character actor Peter Ustinov are the perfect on screen partnership. The movie has everything – there are ghosts, seaside shantytowns, hotels made from wrecked ships, and a greasy, slimy villain! The fight scene is hilarious.

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