15 Rare Disney Movies You've Never Heard of ...

I love Disney movies, and as much as I’d love to say I’ve seen them all, there are some rare Disney movies that it took me a while to hear of. Not all of them hold the magical air of the classics like Cinderella but still, there are some interesting films. I wonder if you’ve heard of any of these rare Disney movies. There’s one way to find out!

1. “Gargoyles the Movie: the Heroes Awaken”

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Well, to kick off the list of rare Disney movies consider this film about gargoyles. The Castle Wyvern is under attack and unbeknownst to the Vikings, the gargoyles can come to life at night and will fight to defend the castle. A few misguided gargoyles harass some humans, which contradicts their desire of protecting both the castle and its inhabitants. This film is based off the TV show. In fact, it’s the edited version of the first five episodes of the show.

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