7 Reasons Why Hart of Dixie is My Favourite TV Show ...

My favourite TV show at the moment is most definitely Hart of Dixie, and here are 7 reasons why it should be yours too! My housemate and I watch Hart of Dixie together and once we’ve finished the episode for the week we spend the rest of the week counting the days till the next one is scheduled. This show has everything: amazing wardrobes, gorgeous men and the most picturesque setting. These are the 7 reasons why Hart of Dixie is my favourite TV show.

1. The Love Triangles

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The reason I became so obsessed with Hart of Dixie so quickly was all the love triangles. Everyone seems to love everyone at one point or another and it’s just so exciting to see who will end up with whom. From the relationships between Zoe and George to Zoe and Wade to Lemon and George to Lemon and Lavon to Anna-Beth and Lavon to…well there’s so many I definitely can’t name them all here! Nothing is predictable in this show and that’s what I love about it!

2. The Wardrobes

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Ok, Zoe Hart’s wardrobe may be a little unrealistic for a Doctor but I don’t even care because it’s so fabulous! She’s a little bit edgy and a whole lot of gorgeous. If Zoe isn’t your cup of tea though you have plenty more wardrobes to aspire to. Lemon has the most beautiful Southern gal wardrobe and dresses like she has just stepped out of the 1940s or 50s. For your man, you can’t go past the fabulousness of Lavon’s wardrobe - it’s just so great. I have huge wardrobe envy whenever I watch this show, so be warned!

3. The Characters

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One of my favourite things about Hart of Dixie are all the hilarious characters. Everyone is so individual and so well thought out and I have to hand it to the writers, they really have created some great characters that as a viewer, you end up caring about. They’re all so thoughtful and caring of each other, and even when things aren’t going their way, they’re always there for each other and willing to lend a helping hand.

4. Bluebell

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Bluebell is hands down my dream town to live in! From the gorgeous landscapes, to the community vibe, it really just seems like an amazing place to live. There is always a festival or some type of celebration on and it looks like such a fun place to live! I know its just a TV show but if I could live anywhere in the world I would most likely choose Bluebell because I just think it seems like a fantastic place to live.

5. The Eye Candy

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Oh. My. God. I cannot describe how attractive some of the men are on this show! If I could move to Bluebell I totally would because the men from there are gorgeous. From bad boy but oh so sexy Wade, to the intelligent and thoughtful George to the hilariously funny and good-looking Lavon, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Hart of Dixie. I practically squeal every time Wade is on the screen because he is so gosh-darn attractive. There is a man for every woman on this show so if you don’t watch it for anything else, watch it for the gorgeous men!

6. It’s Hilarious

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There’s not many shows that really make me laugh out loud but Hart of Dixie is definitely one of them. It is incredibly witty and all the characters are so quirky and individual that you can’t help but find them funny. I love TV shows that aren’t so serious all the time and allow you a little bit of lighthearted relief - and Hart of Dixie is definitely one of those types of TV shows.

7. The Soundtrack

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Now I have never been a huge fan of country music but when watching Hart of Dixie you can’t help but get into the music they play. From the live performances to the perfectly wonderful country music playing in the background of each scene, the music that is played during Hart of Dixie suits the show and really adds to the overall country feel. I love that everything about this show makes you feel that you’re actually in a small country town and the soundtrack is just one way the producers add country elements to Hart of Dixie.

Hopefully this list has made you fall in love with Hart of Dixie and you’ll start to watch it as obsessively as I do. This show is a fantastic, lighthearted comedy that has something for everyone. From the loveable characters to the exciting plot lines, I really do think that this show will entertain everyone and anyone. Will you be tuning in to watch Hart of Dixie from now on?

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