7 Reasons You Should Be Watching Scandal ...

There are lots of really great reasons to watch Scandal. How do I know? Because I recently became a Scandal fanatic! Given my love for Grey's Anatomy, I'm still surprised that I didn't automatically jump on the new Shonda train, but I didn't get into it until the start of the second season. Thank goodness for Netflix! I got hooked immediately, to the point where I'm heartbroken that the show's on winter hiatus. That cliffhanger! If you haven't yet experienced the joys of this thrilling show, see if these compelling reasons to watch Scandal don't change your mind!

1. A Strong Female Lead

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One of the best reasons to watch Scandal is definitely Kerry Washington, in her lead role as Olivia Pope. Olivia gets it done – even in the middle of tawdry affairs and dangerous tension. While you see glimpses of her vulnerability, this woman is loyal to her friends and she is just a terrier. She will do whatever it takes to get her job done and she's always one step ahead of the game. Plus, as you'll see, I love seeing a woman of color in a strong, serious lead role. And Kerry Washington owns this role: Olivia is brilliant, smart, ambitious, and beautiful.

2. The Scandal

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As the title of the show itself suggests, there is lots of scandal going on in this drama. There are love stories, murder mysteries, conspiracies, and a whole host of other problems. They don't get old and, as yet, I haven't been able to predict a single story arc. However, nothing seems forced or sensationalized, which is something I can't really say about Grey's Anatomy lately. I still love the medical drama, but Scandal flows smoothly – like Grey's used to do. Maybe that will change with time and further seasons, but right now it still has me hooked.

3. Political Intrigue

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The show takes place in Washington, D.C.; it focuses on the president and his cabinet. Of course there are tons of political intrigues! They go deep and they are far reaching beyond belief. There are fireworks (and not the sexy kind) between President Grant and vile VP Sally Langston, fireworks (definitely the sexy kind) between Fitz and Olivia, intrigues between Cyrus and pretty much everyone. I don't know if the White House is really like this, but if it is, I sort of wish they'd put it on TV.

4. A Human President

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I'm a Democrat, but can I just say that I would vote for Fitzgerald Grant in a second? I love seeing a fully human president, and while many other presidential based shows have tried to do this, there's just something about Fitz. I mean, his best friend and Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene (wait for it...) is gay and living with his partner, and Fitz is all for empowering him. He's guilty of so many things, vulnerable in so many ways, hurtful in so many instances, and those are all the things that make him such a well rounded character.

5. Progressive Casting

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I briefly alluded to this when talking about the fabulous Kerry Washington. Shonda Rhimes is becoming very well known for her colorblind casting, and I think that's fantastic. Scandal, rather like Grey's Anatomy, represents everyone, but you don't notice it; race and sexuality are rarely the focal points, they do not define the characters. You focus on the actors' talents and the characters' personalities before you focus on anything else.

6. Lots of LGBT Love

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That being said, I am so glad to see another loving gay couple on prime time. We're seeing more and more of them, but in this instance, we're seeing them in the White House. The White House! Given this election year in particular, I think that's fabulous. Besides, I am absolutely in love with Dan Bucatinsky, who plays journalist James Novak, Cyrus Beene's partner, and have been since I saw him in All Over the Guy. Anybody recognize him from Grey's Anatomy?

7. Cyrus Beene

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Finally, Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene himself is one of MY most compelling reasons for watching this show. The man who played Meredith Grey's milquetoast father shines in this drama. He is amazing. He gave a particularly wonderful, witty, on-point speech – do my fellow fans know which one I'm talking about? Want to recite it with me?

I could probably come up with a dozen more reasons to watch Scandal, but these will suffice for now; I don't want to overwhelm you! It really is a great, thought provoking show. It gets surprisingly racy, but seriously, Cyrus Beene. He's the most compelling reason I have! What are your feelings on Scandal: love it or leave it?

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