A Realistic ✌️ Review 📝 of Heathers the Movie 🎞 ...

I'm here to share a review of Heathers the movie. Ah the days of big hair, scrunchies, and shoulder pads. Heathers is Mean Girls before the Plastics ruled the halls, but it is not Mean Girls. Not even close. Directed by Michael Lehmann, Heathers explores the dark side of high school.

The Heathers' friend Veronica (Winona Ryder), and I use the word 'friend' loosely, is often dragged into the Heathers' cruel acts because of her ability to forge handwriting. Though Heathers is the name of the movie It follows the destructive relationship of Victoria and newcomer loner Jason 'JD' Dean (Christian Slater). If you're ever curious what it would be like to cross merge Nicholson and Bacon together, here's your answer and it's not as interesting as you would think.

Winona Ryder was a bit type casted back in the day. Want an out of place dorky teen girl? Does your girl need to write her thoughts and narrate them to no one in particular? Don't want the girl to be too dorky to ensure that crush factor that draws fans in? Winona Ryder was your girl.

Wouldn't surprise me if someone created a theory connecting Heathers to Beetlejuice - just need Glen Shadix to sweeten the deal.

I enjoyed the movie and can perfectly understand why it became a cult classic. What's better than sticking it to the man and having the underdog rise on top? So what is my problem?

It's overdone from Carrie to Swimfan to the Craft to Jawbreaker. There's not much in the way of character development outside of Veronica's character. JD doesn't grow to be irrational because of love - he was already there. Completely irrational that is.

Music is easily ignored and nothing catchy besides the overplayed Que Sera that directors use to be edgy or something. Would be annoying if the movie followed the crowd and made a musical.

*Turns out there was a musical.

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