7 Romantic Films That'll Make You Feel the Love ...

Everyone loves romantic films, right? They are perfect to watch in almost any mood – to have a secret cry if you are feeling lonely too, while cuddling up with your other half, while sitting with your friends. They’re even great to watch with family. It’s no surprise that romantic films are one of the best selling film categories ever! But if someone asked you to name the top 7 romantic films of all time, what would you say? See if you agree with our list – and make sure you’ve watched them all!

1. Jules Et Jim

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Okay, so this might not be as well known as some romantic films, but it’s still utterly brilliant. It was the biggest box office success that the French New Wave ever enjoyed, and when it opened in Paris in January 1962, it played for 3 months straight. It even inspired Bonnie & Clyde. Although it’s set in the era of the first world war, its sexual mannerisms are distinctly '60s, with Catherine in love with and loved by two men – a German and a Frenchman. It’s an amazing tribute to the magic of women, to the fragile nature of love and to feminine principles. It’s sentimental, awe-inspiring and amazing. Truffaut at his best.

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