10 Romantic Movies of 2010 ...


If you are the kind of person that flips over a great love story, you might want to pay real close attention to this article. If you were way too busy last year to catch up with the romantic movies of 2010, this list is going to be invaluable for you. And, if you are wondering which movie to begin with first, you could start with this one right here.

1. Leap Year

The Leap Year is based around an American girl’s (Amy Adams) journey to Dublin to propose to her Irish boyfriend (Adam Scott) on February 29. Wishing to take advantage of the Irish custom which states that when a man is proposed in the leap year, he cannot refuse, Anna sets off with conviction, only to bump into Declan (Mathew Goode), a grumpy innkeeper who decides to help her in this quest. What happens next might be a wee bit predictable, but it’s fun to watch nonetheless.

2. Remember Me

Robert Pattisson might look like he’s had all the blood in his body