7 Romantic Movies to Look Forward to ...

There are so many romantic movies to look forward to coming out over the next six months or so, and I, for one, am so excited! There seems to be a huge gap in the romantic movie genre lately, so hearing about all of these new romantic movies to look forward to has made me so excited for new movies coming out over the next few months!

1. Laggies

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Starring Keira Knightley, ChloΓ« Grace Moretz, and Sam Rockwell, this movie is destined to become an instant hit, and it’s personally one of my favorite romantic movies to look forward to. Keira Knightley stars as Megan, a lost young woman who finds herself buying alcohol for ChloΓ« Grace Moretz’s Annika. After a bit of a breakdown, she runs away to Annika’s house, where she meets and eventually falls in love with Craig, played by Sam Rockwell. Just by watching the trailer, it’s apparent that this movie is one of the quiet, lovely romantic comedies we’ve all been missing.

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