7 Sad Moments from Scrubs That Left Me in Tears ...

There are so many sad moments from Scrubs. Of course, there are so many hilarious ones too. I guess it's a good mixture of both! The sad moments from Scrubs really did leave me in tears though. Take a look at my top 7 sad moments. Let me know if I missed any. I'll add it to the next list! P.S this list contains major spoilers so do NOT read if you haven't kept up with the show!

1. "My Screw up"

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This was such a sad episode. Dr. Cox was the one to always have it together and he was never really the type to have any emotional breakdowns. That's why this episode was so sad! J.D. was the one who snapped him back into reality. This episode tricked a lot of people; it wasn't what it seemed. Still, it tops my list of sad moments from Scrubs.

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