7 Saturday Night Live Characters We Miss ...

As a fan of sketch comedy, I have great appreciation for the many Saturday Night Live characters that have come and gone throughout the years. After all, it's the characters that can make or break a show. Some I liked better than others, but they were apparently popular enough to keep going week after week. Since the show just isn't the same without them, here are some of the Saturday Night Live characters I think we'll miss the most. I mentioned some of them in my “recurring sketches” article, but most either weren't mentioned there or started off as “sub-characters” on other sketches.

1. Opera Man/Cajun Man

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I mentioned these Saturday Night Live characters together because they're both done by Adam Sandler and often found in the same sketch. I know the video is taken off of some guy's TV, but it's the best one I found of both characters. I especially love “Opera Man's” impression of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Half the time I don't understand what he's saying either.

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