7 Scenes from Sons of Anarchy That Left Us Breathless ...

I don't think you'd call me a crow-eater, but I'm a big enough fan that there are certain scenes from Sons of Anarchy that still give me the chills. Since season 6 just wrapped up in the most jaw-dropping way possible, I thought it would be a great time to share some of the moments that left fans breathless. Whether you're crazy about Jax or adore Gemma's mother bear moments, I hope you'll agree that these are some of the best scenes from Sons of Anarchy ever. If you haven't finished the final season yet, there be spoilers in #6, so be warned!

1. Opie's Violent End

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Actually, every bit of the storyline involving Opie, Piney, and Clay was just … heartbreaking, but it's Opie's final sacrifice that comes in at number one, because few TV deaths have gotten to me so deeply and few scenes from Sons of Anarchy made me cry so hard. After the β€œmysterious” death of his father, Opie himself went into a downward spiral, but he gave himself up for the good of the club – and broke Jax's heart in the process.

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