9 Sensational Queen Latifah Movies Worth Watching over and over ...

Queen Latifah movies are among my favorites, because this woman really is royalty. She is a goddess. Gorgeous, funny, able to move seamlessly between drama and comedy, perfectly skilled at finding the balance between family-friendly laughs and risque humor … I kind of aspire to be like the Queen. Most of her movies are comedies, true, but that doesn't matter – she's a funny lady! If you haven't yet seen these Queen Latifah movies, I bet you'll soon be watching them over and over again.

1. Bringing down the House

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This is without question one of my favorite Queen Latifah movies. I know it looks like it would be cheesy, and while it has its moments, it's actually quite profound. Steve Martin is a perfect foil for Latifah's Charlene, and the film exposes racial stereotypes rather well. Charlene herself is a breath of fresh air, and I'm sorry, but I thought the burgeoning romance between her character and Eugene Levy's was just the best. She got his heart all tangled up in the game, y'all!

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