7 Seriously Hilarious Sitcoms That We Can't Stop Watching ...


Hilarious sitcoms have become TV audiences’ favorite form of TV entertainment for decades. Try writing down you’re top 7 sitcoms; it’s definitely more difficult than it seems. With sitcoms bringing out all different emotions and since no two sitcoms are the same, which should be the highest rated? The sitcoms that make you laugh? Cry? The sitcoms that related most to your life? Once again, not as easy as it sounds. Although it may seem impossible, the best sitcoms are the hilarious sitcoms that you can watch each season and each episode over and over again and laugh every time.

1. Will & Grace

Best buds Will and Grace are both searching for love. Unfortunately they will never find love with each other since, well, Will is gay and Grace is straight. Their friend, Jack, is a vibrant and lively gay and Grace’s assistant, Karen, is a sharp, sarcastic socialite. With these crazy, comical four, you are able to see them face the highs and lows of life as they lean on each other for support. Reruns can always be caught on television so whenever you are in need of a little laughter and a good mix of personalities and characters, catch an episode of “Will & Grace.” “Will & Grace” is just one of many hilarious sitcoms that you should get a daily dosage of for some laughs.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

“Friends” has to be the most popular sitcom amongst my friends. B