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I don’t know if any of you wildlife lovers outside of the UK get to see any of the David Attenborough shows, but I highly recommend them. He is the wildlife king in the UK and has been considered the very best in his field for 5 decades now. (They raise the boys well in this family; David’s brother is Richard is the Oscar winning actor/director. Both have been honored by the Queen – David is a Sir and Richard a Lord). There’s not a massive number of shows because although he has been broadcasting for a very long time, each series of the David Attenborough shows can take many months in the conception and creation. The results are nothing short of spectacular and if you want to see the natural wonders of our world close up, you can’t’ do any better than the David Attenborough TV programs.

1. David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates

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This is one of the more recent David Attenborough shows and it details how animals have evolved over the years. There are a lot of invertebrates out there that have done very well and have the resilience to stick it out long after we blow ourselves up. David shows you how vertebrate animals came about and how difficult it must have been for our ancestors to evolve through such hard circumstances and with such dangerous competition.

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