13 Spooky 👻 Netflix Movies 🎥 That'll Have You Sleeping 🛌 with the Lights on 🔦 ...

Horror movies are some kick ass entertainment! Whether it's the middle of summer or Halloween Eve, there's nothing better to get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing (which BTW burns calories) like a good spooky movie. That being said, these are just a few films Netflix currently has as chosen by Theberry.com. I suggest grabbing a buddy to watch these-unless you're brave enough to take them on alone.

1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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If you’ve never seen the infamously terrifying film The Blair Witch Project and for some reason happen to be in the mood to get scared shitless, now is your chance. This late 90s classic follows the story of three film students who vanish after attempting to make a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend in Maryland. Only their footage was found left behind and it will keep you from sleeping for weeks.

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