7 Television Relationships Everyone Wants to Emulate ...

Everyone loves a few good television relationships; some are perfect and idealistic and just plain wonderful, while others are more chaotic. Somehow, we find ourselves trying to emulate all of them at different points in our lives. Whether you’ve tried to be Jim and Pam or Cory and Topanga at one point or another, there are definitely a few television relationships on this list that you’ve tried to emulate!

1. Jim and Pam

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Jim and Pam from The Office may or may not be one of the most perfect television relationships. In fact, they are most definitely the perfect television couple. It’s hard not to love these two. We waited for them to get together for so long, and then we watched them get engaged, married, and have children. We essentially watched these two characters grow up together, and it’s hard not to love that!

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