Terrifying Movies Where the Killers Aren't Human ...

I love a good horror movie with a menacing killer or two on the loose, wreaking havoc wherever they go, and there are some terrifying movies where the killers aren't human that you're sure to love. For some reason, the human mind loves to be terrified and there are films that promise thrills and spills galore with a little gore thrown in for good measure. From B movies in the 1950s with strange blob-like creatures to life-threatening leviathans, the movie industry has cashed in from the outset on our fears of all creatures great and without empathy. Here are my favorite terrifying movies where the killers have a pulse but not necessarily two legs!

1. Jaws

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This is truly a Steven Spielberg classic and hit the cinema screens in 1975. And although we may not be terrified by it now, it certainly shocked audiences at the time with its 'Don't go into the water' tag-line. With the absence of CGI at the time, it relied heavily on John Williams' haunting score and the power of the imagination. The theme tune has become ingrained in our consciousness and is part of popular culture, forever associated with something predatory creeping up on people unawares. Based on the Peter Benchley novel of the same name (which is quite different in that there is a love-affair sub-plot which they completely omit from the film) it was the highest grossing film of all time until Star Wars came along. Come on, we're all scared of sharks in the water and this is one of the terrifying movies that probably exacerbated our fears of the deep!

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