The Best Thanksgiving 🦃 Movies 🎞 for People Who Need to Get in the Mood ...

Thanksgiving is the best time 🕡 in the world 🌏 to watch ⌚ movies, you'll be stuffed with good 👍 food, surrounded by your family. I have some staple movies 🎥 that I watch ⌚ every single 1️⃣ Thanksgiving and they are a tradition. Movies 🎥 bring people 🚸 together, so let's break out the popcorn and settle in!

1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Of course, I had to include this one 1️⃣ on 🔛 the list. It is a classic and absolutely one 1️⃣ of the best Thanksgiving films out there. Want a film 🎥 for everyone? This is it!

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