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Dear readers, we have something so very new and exciting to share with you. Allwomenstalk is very proud to be supporting a movie called The Last Empress of Fashion, and today we have an exclusive interview with the director Gala Pawl.

The movie/documentary is about Mila Anufrieva – a woman with a unique life path, and whose story deserves to be made known. We’re not going to give away spoilers but let’s just say this remarkable woman built a $100M luxury fashion empire, battled cancer, survived a KGB plot to kill her, fled to Italy to rebuild her career, and achieved even greater success than previously.

Let’s learn more about Mila and the making of this film from Gala:

1. Why Was This Story so Inspiring for You to Want to Make It a Film?

It is very easy to lose oneself when you face troubles - especially when problems hit you one after another. Every time I hear a story of a person who stands up after each fall, I feel inspired: be it a man, a woman, a cancer survivor or a person who got out of poverty, neglect or betrayal. Because as a human I do need great examples of people who made it.

That is why when I got to know the story of Mila, I felt that all the world needs to know about this fascinating woman: both as the one who has a Cinderella type of life and as a self-made role model type of woman I would personally like to be. You can rarely hear the stories of people who give away that much of themselves: after all the tragedies, all the darkness she still is a ray of light with so much positive impact on the world that I felt it would be a crime not to let everyone in the world to know about Mila.

As a businesswoman, I myself had the hard times and I know how much your family helps you when everything goes bad. Mila had to fight most of the time by herself - and it makes her achievements a deed.

Cancer touched my family as well and I know that when it comes you need any success story, any news that gives you the hope and the energy to never give up. Mila fought cancer when everybody had told her she had no chances to win. And I know by heart that every cancer warrior in the world needs to hear this story and get to know that when you get a 99% chance to die, you must read it as a 1% chance to win - and go for it by any means possible.

In general, the main thing that inspires me in this story is that Mila is a one-of-us type of woman: her family was an ordinary one, with no million-dollar accounts or useful connections to make life easier. She was born in the country that never even appeared on the radar of the fashion world. She could be a girl from Ohio or Germany or Mexico or China - the initial location does not matter. What matters is that she did not just have a dream (like all of us do) but made every step possible to achieve everything she dreamed of.

And this is one of the key messages of this story: you can do it against all the odds, so go for it!

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