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The 10 Saddest Movies of 2016 ...

By Heather

Movies have the power ✊ to inspire and touch us. Some of them make us laugh 😃 uncontrollably, others leave us angry 😡 or anxious or dazzled, and still others leave us absolutely bawling. I ℹī¸ personally love 💖 sad đŸ˜ĸ movies đŸŽĨ even though I ℹī¸ watch đŸ“ē them knowing that I'll be a 🅰ī¸ sniffling, quivering ball 🎾 of feels by the time 🕚 the end 🔚 credits roll. Of course, sadness đŸ˜ĸ is pretty subjective, you know? What makes me sad đŸ˜ĸ might not make you sad 😞 and vice versa. So, here's my list of the 10 🔟 saddest movies đŸŽĻ not just of 2016, but of all time. It's definitely not a 🅰ī¸ comprehensive list, so after you check ☑ī¸ out the films that make me sob like 😚 a 🅰ī¸ baby, make sure you include your top 👆 picks!

1 Me before You

As soon 🔜 as I ℹī¸ started seeing comments and previews about Me Before You on 🔛 all my news 📰 feeds and timelines, I ℹī¸ knew it was going 🆙 to be a 🅰ī¸ tearjerker and boy đŸ‘ĻđŸŊ was I ℹī¸ right! I saw this without having read 📙 the book 📙 and it just crushed me, absolutely destroyed me! I ℹī¸ don't know if I ℹī¸ can even handle the novel 📖 – how much will it make me cry, given that it's one 1ī¸âƒŖ of the saddest movies đŸŽĨ of 2016 so far?

2 The Fault in Our Stars

I ℹī¸ did read 📕 this book 📒 before seeing the movie đŸŽĨ and I ℹī¸ cried for almost an hour afterward. So sad! When we saw it at the show, I ℹī¸ basically started sobbing 😭 during the first 1ī¸âƒŖ scene and didn't stop 🙅 until sometime after we got home. I ℹī¸ saved it forever on 🔘 my DVR once it came out, and sometimes when I ℹī¸ need a big 🐛 release, I watch ⌚ it and just bawl.

3 Marley & Me

Any movie đŸŽĨ where something happens to an animal, I'm done. I've only seen this once because that's seriously all I ℹī¸ could handle. It's absolutely heartbreaking, especially if you're a 🅰ī¸ dog-lover. Does anyone else gather up 🆙 your pets when you see something awful happen to an animal 🐂 in a 🅰ī¸ movie đŸŽĨ or on 🔘 TV?

4 Dear 📃 John

I ℹī¸ know it's kind of sappy, but it's also so, so sad. Nicholas Sparks and his damn letters, they're specifically designed to rip 💀 your heart ❤ī¸ out, aren't they? Still, at least the hint of hope 🌠 balances out some of the film's sadness.

5 Life 💓 as a 🅰ī¸ House

Lyndsie first 1ī¸âƒŖ showed me this movie, which she loves ❤ī¸ even though she cries through most of it. She did it partly to introduce me to Ian Somerhalder but mainly because it's beautiful and devastating and so touching, all at once. Plus, with Kevin Kline, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Jena Malone, you can't really go wrong.

6 The Danish Girl

This is such a 🅰ī¸ beautiful, amazing movie. It's a 🅰ī¸ story that needed very much to be told, but it's sad đŸ˜ĸ that many of the people đŸšģ who most need to know the story won't have any interest in watching 👀 it. It's illuminating and revealing, plus ➕ it's a 🅰ī¸ genuinely gorgeous movie. I ℹī¸ know there was some controversy about the casting, but Eddie Redmayne was pretty stellar in the role.

7 Brokeback Mountain

This movie đŸŽĨ kills me every single 1ī¸âƒŖ time. I read 📙 the short story it's based on 🔘 before the movie đŸŽĨ came out, and I ℹī¸ loved ❤ī¸ it, but this is one case đŸ’ŧ where the movie đŸŽĨ is so much better. It was just â€Ļ beautiful and brutal and so incredibly heartbreaking. It's definitely in my top 🔝 five 5ī¸âƒŖ list of the saddest movies đŸŽĨ ever made and so many parts of it leave me crying.

8 Selena

The world lost 😕 such a 🅰ī¸ bright, beautiful, shining 🔅 light đŸ”Ĩ when Selena was taken from it. This movie đŸŽĨ introduced so many people 🚸 to her music, her message, and her life, but it's such a 🅰ī¸ tragedy that this was what it took. Jennifer Lopez did a 🅰ī¸ truly awesome 👍 job, but the entire cast was wonderful – they captured the family's love 💛 for each other so well!

9 Steel 🔩 Magnolias

This movie đŸŽĨ is just the best for so many reasons. I ℹī¸ think it hits hard because it's also full đŸˆĩ of so many funny, touching, and frustrating moments. I love 😚 this kind of movie, that focuses on 🔛 friendships and families, their day-to-day lives and their milestones. It has so many fantastic quotes, but it also has one 1ī¸âƒŖ of the saddest storylines ever.

10 My Girl

Oh, Thomas Jay! He can't see without his glasses 👓 – I ℹī¸ can't even handle that! Anna Chlumsky was a 🅰ī¸ radiant, adorable, wise-but-wide-eyed Vada, and Macaulay Culkin was just â€Ļ this was so far removed from Home 👨‍👨‍đŸ‘Ļ‍đŸ‘Ļ Alone, you know? The entire cast was awesome, and the retro coming-of-age aspect of the story was so great 👍 that this is still one 1ī¸âƒŖ of my favorite movies, even though it turns me into a 🅰ī¸ puddle.

Your turn! Give up 🆙 your pick for the saddest movies đŸŽĨ of 2016 and beyond!

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