10. Robert Redford

Finally, Robert Redford is more than the behind-the-scenes genius the current generation may know. His clean cut good looks and amazing talent used to keep hearts fluttering. I fell for him the first time I saw The Great Gatsby, and films like Quiz Show and All the President's Men further emphasize why he's such a god of the silver screen. You can't deny his genius or his appeal, whether he's on the screen or behind it.

As you can see, some of these leading men are still show up on screen. The majority, however, flourished during the days of film noire, their talent and beauty shining through the silver screen without the benefit of technicolor. These leading men created spectacular movies, they starred in films that are still classics today, in spite of a lack of huge budgets and special effects. From then or now, who are some of your favorite leading men?

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