5. Belle

Belle from Beauty and the Beast taught me to never judge a book by its cover. She fell in love with the Beast even though he was a monster on the outside because she saw the good inside of him. She also had deep family values and loved her father so much that she selflessly gave up her own freedom to save him. Belle is a great role model in that she also dislikes the "gorgeous" Gaston that all the other girls in town are in love with. Belle is not shallow like the other young women who look past Gaston's horrible personality simply because he's good-looking. Although she is beautiful, the filmmakers made Belle unaware of this which gives her an amazing personality for other girls to strive for. Belle is my personal favorite of all the Disney princesses and also taught me that reading is amazing! Belle has been criticized for being a bad role model in supporting an abusive relationship but I try not to view it that way. In Beast's defense, I'd be cranky and mean too if I was turned into an ugly monster and had to stay in a castle alone for years .