7 Things That Always Happen during a Season of Big Brother ...

Spring is in full swing, which means that summer is quickly approaching and with it is another season of Big Brother. The premise of this CBS show is that every summer there is a group of specifically chosen housemates who live together, isolated from the outside world, to compete for $500,000. As a fan of the show for some time now, I can definitely say that each season is different and it never fails to surprise, but there are some things that you know are going to happen every season of Big Brother.

1. A Twist

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With every season of Big Brother, there is always a twist to the game. After all the Big Brother motto is β€œExpect the unexpected”. For example, previous twists have included coaches, returning players, power couples, cliques and saboteurs. Every season, viewers can’t wait for what is in store for the housemates because the more complicated the twist, the more interesting the game gets.

2. Switch of Alliances

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Once all of the housemates settle in their new home for the summer, most of them work on their strategy and make alliances with players who seem to have the most potential. However first impressions can be quite deceiving, which is why there is always a switch in alliances throughout the game. Some players betray their alliances, so trusts are broken and alliances die out.

3. Shift in Power

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It is not unusual for the Big Brother house to be split into two. Several alliances come together, which is what sets two halves of the houses against each other. Tension runs even higher when the players compete for the Head of the Household title as each week there is a shift in power and positions of the players are completely changed.

4. Personal Attacks

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Living in the house with strangers doesn’t guarantee that everyone will get along, especially when each player is competing for half of a million dollars. When anxiety and pressure runs high, emotions get in the way and contestants tend to use each other as outlets for their anger. While it is stressful for the contestants, it does make up entertaining content for television.

5. Humorous Montages

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Aside from the tension and aggression, this show is filled with humorous montages and comedy. You will be surprised what people are willing to do to entertain themselves in a confined environment! Plus CBS does a great job capturing the idiosyncrasies of the contestants and poking fun at the how they deal with weekly challenges.

6. Blossoming Couples

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When a group of people of somewhat the same age is put in the same house, chances of romances blossoming are high. Just take a look at previous seasons of Big Brother! It is as if you are watching a season of the Bachelor. Newly formed couples are interesting to observe as they usually become the target of their housemates.

7. Unitard

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It is practically a Big Brother tradition that every season at least once player gets to wear a humiliating unitard as a punishment for losing a competition. However the players don’t usually take it as a punishment and instead make the best of their time in it. This in turn becomes one of the highlights of the season!

If you have yet to jump on the Big Brother wagon, give it a shot this upcoming summer! There is humor, tension, heartache and healthy competition. However if you are one of the regular viewers, what are some things you expect in the next season of Big Brother?

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