7. There Are Connections There

I think the relationships in this family intrigue me the most – and I'm not talking about the relationships with Kody. Christine, I think, says in the opening credits that she married into a polygamist family for the family, not just the husband. She wanted sister wives. I think the other wives have mentioned this as well. Odd as it is, one of the biggest lessons I've learned from “Sister Wives” is that female friendship really can save you. To me, the focus is always on the dynamic between these four women.

They aren't idyllic, they don't always get along, and they aren't always nice, but they're there for each other; they're going through this together. Kody thinks he's the head of the household, but I think he's just the hub of the wheel. He's got four strong spokes there, and although they connect through him, they work as a team. That's really kind of beautiful.

Of course, “Sister Wives” is just a show, and many things are likely changed, altered, or colored to make for better TV. I've no doubt that some aspects are sensationalized, while others exist only on the cutting room floor. I just enjoy seeing the different dynamics in each household, whether or not I actually agree with everything I see. Do you watch “Sister Wives”? What's your opinion on the show, or the Brown family?

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