3. Assault/Attempted Murder

In season 3 episode 19 “Safety Training,” warehouse manager Darryl Philbin runs a training seminar regarding safety in the warehouse. Feeling inferior, Michael Scott attempts to prove to the warehouse workers that life in the office can be dangerous. However, there would be no need for these ‘trainings’ if Darryl hadn’t been injured a short while before.

He was doing some work while standing on top of a ladder. All of a sudden, the ladder is knocked from underneath him. As he is hanging onto one of the shelves, he looks down to see Michael Scott with a smile on his face and Michael chuckles, “Hey Darryl! How’s it hangin’?” Obviously putting another person at risk for injury for the sake of a joke is stupid and dangerous. Not only that, if Darryl had pressed charges, Michael Scott could have spent time in jail.

Another Assualt
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