4. Sexual Harassment/Assault

Speaking of uncomfortable Michael Scott moments, the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton is notorious for his inappropriate sexual jokes. However, especially in the workplace, this behavior can be considered sexual harassment. While most offenders do not go to jail for harassment, there were a few instances of sexual assault committed by Michael Scott that he should have suffered consequences for. As mentioned previously regarding the episode “Nepotism,” Michael Scott assaulted his nephew and humiliated him. The only repercussions Michael faced were six mandatory counseling sessions with his most hated employee, Toby Flenderson.

In season 3 episode 1 “Gay Witch Hunt,” Michael jokingly makes a derogatory comment toward one of his employees, Oscar Martinez about being homosexual. Unbeknownst to Michael, Oscar is actually gay. When Michael finds out, he apologizes in front of a few other employees, which unintentionally outs Oscar’s sexual preference before he is ready. The episode continues to escalate in awkwardness and eventually, Michael decides to make a statement in front of his employees by kissing Oscar on the lips against his will. To keep Oscar from suing the company and Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin offers him three months paid vacation and a free company vehicle. In reality, Michael Scott should have been charged with sexual assault in both these cases and several more.

Kidnapping a Minor/Holding Hostage for Ransom
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