7 Tolerable Kids Cartoons to DVR Right Now ...

My kids love to watch kids cartoons, but I like to DVR them so they can skip the commercials and just watch the show. My kids don’t get to stare at the television all day, so this is a great way to pick and choose exactly what they want to watch when the time comes. Plus, it keeps them from asking for all the junk they see during the commercials. These are my top kids cartoons to add to your DVR list.

1. Octonauts

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This is one of the cutest kids cartoons I’ve ever seen. Each episode features several animals that rescue a specific ocean creature. There’s a bunch of them that I’d never heard of so the kids learn something while they watch too. Plus the animation is super cute and the cartoon isn’t so irritating that you want to leave the house anytime it comes on. There are also Octonauts toys so if your little one really loves it, you can reenact each episode on his bedroom floor.

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