7 Top Disney Live Action Movies That I Can Watch over and over ...


I confess – I prefer Disney live action movies to the animated ones. Some people never grow out of their love for Disney’s animated movies, but I did and there’s very few I can sit through these days, although I still absolutely love The Jungle Book. Put me in front of some of the live action movies and I’m as happy as Larry. Some I can just watch over and over. Here are some of my favorite Disney live action movies – I wonder if you enjoy them too?

1. Blackbeard’s Ghost

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You know when sometimes a person is so perfect to play a certain part? I think that about Peter Ustinov as scallywag pirate Blackbeard in this little gem of a movie. The great (late) English actor was a master of characterization and he portrayed the rum swilling no-gooder so brilliantly. He was the perfect foil for a perennial favorite in Disney live action movies, Dean Jones. Together they thwart the dastardly plans of a local hood and save the day for Blackbeard’s descendants. Just jolly good fun all round!

Mary Poppins
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