7 Top Jonah Hill Movies You Will End up Loving ...

Personally I am a big fan of comedies and I especially enjoy most of the Jonah Hill movies. I find that every single movie that he takes part in becomes a huge success. His comedic attitude and ability to laugh at himself definitely show on screen. Jonah Hill is able to easily form chemistry with other actors and make his characters stand out. So if you are ready to put his acting skills to the test, here are 7 Jonah Hill movies to start with.

1. Superbad

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If you have a dirty sense of humor and don’t mind a few inappropriate references, you will definitely get a laugh from this movie. The story revolves around two high school outcasts, Seth and Evan, who decide to change their lives before they head off to college. However, with a few turns of events, things don’t quite pan out the way they want them to. Although this movie is mainly about getting girls, alcohol and drugs, it is also about friendship, self-identity and teenage innocence. It is one of the Jonah Hill movies worth watching!

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