Top 8 Superhero Movies ...

Do you love superhero movies as much as I do? Then you probably LOVE movies that are filled with action, that are overflowing with adventure, and that contain the most amazing super-beings ever! Superhero movies are my favorite kinds of movies and if they're yours too, then check out some of my favorites!

1. The Spider-Man Series

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These superhero movies are some of the finest! But I hope you don't have a phobia of spiders, because they play a big part in these movies! It all begins after a super smart kid gets awesome powers after being bitten by a spider. And what's a superhero without a need to save his city from some evil villains? In this case, a crazy, evil green guy, a doctor with some creepy mechanical arms, and an envious black monster with some jagged, sharp teeth! If you think this sounds awesome too, then go check them out!

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