21 True Crime 🚓Documentaries That Will Shock 😱 and Disturb 😬 You ...

True crime documentaries are gritty, compelling, intriguing, and sometimes terrifying.

1. Dear Zachary: a Letter to a Son about His Father

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There is so much I could say about this crime documentary, but not much I dare share for fear of ruining it. It begins as a video album meant to introduce a son to the father he's never destined to meet, but it turns into … something else. I can also say that it is the best documentary I have ever seen – the story, the cinematography, the set-up, the techniques, the soundtrack, and even the subject matter – and it is the most heartbreaking. I also want to say that Andrew Bagby is still an inspiration, as are his parents, and I think the world is a sadder, lesser place without him.

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