7 TV Bromances That I Can't Get Enough of ...

TV bromances can really make or break a show. I know there's been times where I've kept up with a particular show just because I loved the friendships in it. It's such an awesome dynamic to see "best friends" on TV because it lets you compare them to you and your own BFFs! Also, it's just super fun to watch guys love their bestie like we girls love ours. Check out my list for my favorite TV bromances!

1. Cory and Shawn (boy Meets World)

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Cory and Shawn hold the title for my all-time favorite bromance. Their friendship spanned through middle-school, high school, and college. They grew up and became men together! Along the way, they went through so many things. They were always there for each other, and it really was one of the best TV bromances to grow up with. Fingers crossed that Cory's daughter in Girl Meets World has a strong relationship with her BFF!

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