17 TV Moments That Made Me Cry like a Baby ...

There have been way too many TV moments that made me cry! I’m admittedly a crybaby when it comes to TV; I just get so emotionally invested. Maybe not every one of these moments made you cry, but I bet there’s at least one! Let’s take a look at ten of the TV moments that made me cry.

1. The Six Feet under Series Finale

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No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I can’t even see a picture from this series finale without wanting to cry. “Six Feet Under” handled its series finale beautifully. It’s no surprise that it made my list of TV moments that made me cry. What’s so sad about it is not only what is actually happening in the end of the episode, even though that’s also devastating, but it’s just so final. There is no doubting what happens to these characters in their lives because the episode tells us everything that we need to know. The first time I saw it, I sat staring at my screen in awe and in tears.

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