7 TV Relationships We're Loving Right Now ...

Don’t you just love TV relationships? I personally watch too much TV, meaning that I can list off my favorite TV relationships for you in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s Ted and the Mother on How I Met Your Mother, or even Mel and Joe on Melissa and Joey, TV relationships are some of my favorite parts of watching TV. They’re lovely to watch, and they always provide the best laughs.

1. Ted and the Mother

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While How I Met Your Mother’s end has officially come, the writers didn’t stop us from falling in love with the Mother as much as Ted does. After he tortured us with 8 seasons worth of awful girlfriends, it’s been wonderfully refreshing meeting the woman who is so perfect for Ted. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that I love her almost as much as I love them together. They’ve become one of the fastest (yet also somehow slowest) classic TV relationships of all-time.

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