7 TV Shows for 2013 That I Can't Wait for ...


There are so many TV shows for 2013 that I am absolutely thrilled about! Whether the TV shows for 2013 are in mid-season now or they are brand new, I can't wait to tune my DVR to record! By far, 2013 is going to be the hugest year for all sorts of brand new TV shows that are going to be incredible. So, whether you are a TV junkie like me or you are just getting into some of these shows, let's take a look at some of the best TV shows for 2013 that are coming up!

1. Zero Hour


This is one of the hottest TV shows for 2013 that so many people are looking forward to! It's starts on Valentine's Day (so you'll be watching right?) and it's all about a treasure map! It's almost like National Treasure in a TV show – how great is that?

2. The Carrie Diaries

youtube.com If you liked Sex and the City, you're going to LOVE this