7 TV Shows to Unwind to after a Long Day ...


I'm sure we can all appreciate the need for TV shows to unwind to. Given all the things we as women do in a given day-make lunches, get the kids dressed and off to school, run errands, cook, clean (and that's in addition to working outside the home)-it's no wonder we need some time to cool down. Frankly, sometimes I don't want to think. I just want to laugh, drool over hot men and be entertained. If you're in the same boat, here are some of my favorite TV shows to unwind to. You can find usually find them in syndication or online if you miss them “live.” DVD and Netflix are also good places if you ever want to “binge-watch” on a bad day. I'm including IMDb links just for kicks and giggles.

1. Raising Hope, Fox

Raising Hope, Fox

"Raising Hope" is one of my favorite TV shows to unwind to, mostly because it's just so strange. IMDb sums up the crazy in one line-"Jimmy becomes a single parent to an infant after the mother he had a one-night stand with ends up on death row.” It's created by the same people who made “My Name Is Earl” and even references that show- “Hey, you know that guy who had that karma list he kept carrying around? This says he finished it.”

2. The Soup, E!

Originally just about talk shows, this half-hour program features co