7 TV Shows with Powerful Female Leads You're Sure to Love ...

Although everyone, even the women on this list, is sick of hearing the words β€œpowerful female leads,” it goes without saying that we need more of them on TV. That being said, there are so many great, powerful female leads on TV right now, and this list is just a few of the many amazing women who grace our TVs every week. If you’re looking for TV shows with strong female leads to watch, this is the list for you!

1. The Mindy Project

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If you haven’t started watching The Mindy Project, you absolutely need to. It stars Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, a New York gynecologist looking for love. Mindy is one of the most dynamic characters on TV. She’s a gynecologist, but she’s not ashamed to love romantic comedies, shopping, and going out. She may not always be the best role model, but she is one of the funniest characters on TV!

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