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7 Tyler Perry Movies That Teach Us Valuable Lessons ...

By Kayla

Tyler Perry movies teach us many valuable lessons. They show us the importance of family, friendships, and love. We also learn that even if someone hurts us, we need to practice forgiveness. If you haven’t been able to see them or would like to watch them again, you should check out some Tyler Perry movies.

Table of contents:

  1. Why did i get married?
  2. The single moms club
  3. Meet the browns
  4. Diary of a mad black woman
  5. Medea's family reunion
  6. The family that preys
  7. Good deeds

1 Why Did I Get Married?

I have enjoyed watching all of the Tyler Perry movies that I've been able to see, but this one is my favorite. Why Did I Get Married? is a film about four different couples and the struggles that they all go through. Together the couples head to Colorado for a reunion. During their week long retreat, many things are revealed about these relationships, causing each couple to question their own marriage. Whether they are married or dating, most couples are able to relate to this movie in some way.

2 The Single Moms Club

I haven't been able to watch The Single Moms Club yet, but I am looking forward to it. This film is about a group of five single women. Together they form a support group to cope with the problems that each of them is having. Watch to see if these ladies are able to overcome their problems and find true happiness.

3 Meet the Browns

In this film the lovely Angela Bassett plays a woman named Brenda. She is a single mom whom no one to turn to after she is suddenly let go from her job. Then she receives a death notice stating that her father, whom she never knew, had passed away. Brenda and her children travel from Chicago to Georgia to attend the funeral. When she arrives, she's shocked to find out that she has a whole family that she's never met. Watch to see if Brenda and her children will be able to find their way in Georgia or if they will return to Chicago.

4 Diary of a Mad Black Woman

This movie is about a woman named Helen. She is a wonderful wife and tries very hard to do everything in her power to make her husband happy. But her husband decides that he doesn't want her anymore and kicks her out, leaving her with nothing. She then has to figure out how to make it on her own. This film shows us that you're always stronger than you think.

5 Medea's Family Reunion

With an upcoming reunion, Medea is faced with lots of family drama. Two of her nieces are going through hard times. One niece is engaged to a man who is abusive. The other niece is looking for love, while she raises two children on her own. To add to the family drama, Medea has taken in a runaway girl. Watch to see if Medea is able to help her family cope with all of their problems.

6 The Family That Preys

The Family that Preys is a movie about two women who are from very different social backgrounds, but have been friends for many years. In this film we get to see if they can hold on to their friendship, when their children start acting in ways that can tear it apart. In an attempt to save their friendship and to figure out a way to fix their family drama, these two friends set out on a road trip.

7 Good Deeds

Good Deeds is about a man who has the perfect life. Everything in his life has been mapped out for him. He is a successful business man, he has lots of money, and he's engaged to be married. Everything is going along smoothly until he meets a woman named Lindsey, who makes him start seeing things in a different light.

Do you like watching Tyler Perry movies? Do you have a favorite? I can't wait to hear from you.

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