7 Underrated British Actors I Want to See More of ...

While there are some very well known British actors, there is a whole cache of underrated British actors. So many British actors are incredibly talented, can perform a variety of roles, and not to mention they are adorable and have beautiful British accents. I think it’s time Hollywood and pop culture starts to take notice of these underrated British actors and bring them to a whole new level of respect.

1. Simon Pegg

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Simon Pegg is one of the most underrated British actors because he not only stars in some hilarious comedies, he writes them. Movies like Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, and the recently released The World's End, were all a product of his brain. He works with his two friends Edgar Wright and Nick Frost to create these hysterical movies. He has also been huge in the world of geekdom by staring in the reboot of Star Trek as Scotty. While he might be popular in Britain and among certain fans, he is not nearly as popular as he should be in Hollywood.

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