7 Unforgettable House Party Ideas for Oscar Night ...

It’s that time of year again – Oscars 2015 is around the corner and I for one am super excited. So many people I know are going to be hosting house parties for that night that I’ve come up with a list of 7 ideas for an unforgettable Oscar Night party. If you’re planning on a party of your own to celebrate the most glamorous night in Hollywood, do read on!

1. Exclusive Guest List

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If the Oscars are one thing, they’re exclusive. Make your Oscar night house party an invite-only party. Draw up a guest list of like-minded people who will appreciate a good Oscar night party and send out some fancy invitation cards. In no time, your super exclusive party invites will be most sought after!

2. Classy Decorations

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Set the right tone for your Oscar night house party by putting up some classy Oscar themed decorations. Keep the cheap plastic Oscar trophy replicas aside and invest in some elegant looking decorations. From pretty balloons to monogrammed napkins, you can choose how you want to set the mood.

3. Champagne

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What better way to set the mood for a house party on Oscar night than some bubbly? Bring out the champagne flutes and you’ll be the best host ever! And since we know this stuff can be expensive, maybe you use it as a welcome drink or to raise a toast when your favorite wins.

4. Fancy Food

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You can’t host an Oscar night party and not serve food right? Decide on a menu that befits the occasion. Have little name cards in fancy writing. Chips and dip can wait another night. Serve some fancy appetizers and finger food on this special night and up the party quotient!

5. Glitzy Outfits

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You absolutely cannot watch Oscars 2015 in ratty old pyjamas. This is a black-tie event and make sure your invitation cards say so. Bring out your fanciest dress and prettiest sandals to this party. Nothing says Oscars like glitzy glamorous outfits right? Oh, and make sure you keep that camera handy!

6. Party Games

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No party is complete (even one on Oscar night) without party games. And an Oscar night house party staple is one where all the guests select whom they think will win Oscars and then when they’re right, they get a little something from the host (and if wrong, drink). Win-win right?

7. Swag Bags

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Keeping in line with the Oscars, have swag bags for all your party guests. Of course, you can’t compete with the real thing (duh) but you can still put together a fun assortment of stuff for your people right? Chocolates, handmade cards, quirky jewellery, DVDs, spa certificates etc. So many ideas to choose from!

The Oscars are the movie industry’s biggest and most sought after awards. Nothing says Hollywood like walking the Oscar red carpet. And your house party for Oscar night has to live up to this right? So bring out your inner celeb and throw the most unforgettable house party this Oscar night. Do you have your own awesome ideas for an Oscar Night party? Do tell us!

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