3. The Room

Where do I even begin with The Room? Well for starters, the title has absolutely no relevance to the story, a story written by, directed by and starring the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, who insists he is American-born despite a nearly undecipherable accent.

The plot is simple enough for a thirty minute soap opera, yet repetitively stretched to 99 minutes, with recycled sex scenes, long panning shots of the Golden Gate bridge and scenes that don’t even seem to fit a gag reel. And don’t let that voice-over on the end of the trailer fool you. It wasn’t until this box office bomb was critically shunned that Tommy Wiseau changed his drama into a “quirky black comedy.” That voice-over was added long after the movie was released. This so-bad-it’s-good film now has such a cult following, you can likely find the occasional interactive midnight showing.

Vampire’s Kiss
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