7 Upcoming Sequels and Prequels Releasing in 2014 ...

I can’t believe how many upcoming sequels and prequels will be released in 2014! I remember years ago my English teacher said there’s no such thing as original movies anymore... everything is either a remake, an adaptation of a book, or a sequel. I hope he’s wrong because we all love an original script or movie. However, prequels are a great way to extend a story line and continue a saga. If you’re someone who loves a good series, here’s a few of 2014’s upcoming sequels and prequels!

1. 300: Rise of an Empire, March 7

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One of the upcoming sequels and prequels of 2014 that I’m excited for is 300: Rise of an Empire! The first movie, simply titled 300, was released in 2006. 300 was an action/fantasy movie set in Ancient Greece during the year 480 BC and tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae. It was well told and was well-received. However, my favourite part of the movie were the imagery and graphics. On a side note, many of the original cast are returning in Rise of an Empire.

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