7 Upcoming Winter Movies to Look Forward to ...

You definitely should check out some of the best upcoming winter movies over the next few weeks. Oscar season will soon be here, and going to the theater is a great way to escape the house on a chilly winter day (just be sure to bring your Snuggie). Taking a little break to watch a movie is also a good idea during the hectic holiday season—it will temporarily make you forget about shopping, dealing with the in-laws, and making travel plans. When you manage to find time to get out, here are a few upcoming winter movies to check out:

1. "Frozen"

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This animated flick is one of the best upcoming winter movies for the whole family. But you definitely don't have to have kids to be a fan of Disney princesses and fairytales. "Frozen" tells the story of a brave girl named Anna who sets out to find her Snow Queen sister named Elsa. Elsa's icy powers have left her family's kingdom trapped in eternal winter, but she's not around to fix the problem—she's exiled herself from the kingdom. Of course Anna doesn't set out to search for her sister alone—she gets a little help from a mountain man, his reindeer, and a talking snowman. The movie is loosely based on a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale titled "The Snow Queen," so you might want to check it out before watching the movie (you can find the fairytale for free online).

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